YMUN brings together more than 1,800 delegates from over 40 countries, connecting youth from around the world with Yale, New Haven, and each other. 



Yale Model United Nations is a four-day international relations simulation for high school students held annually on Yale University’s campus in New Haven. At YMUN, delegates from all over the world interact with one another through debate and diplomacy to solve complex challenges facing the world today. Through taking on the roles of United Nations representatives, members of other international bodies, and policymakers in national cabinets, students learn about the inner workings of global politics and problem-solving. By engaging in topics concerning international and national security, political and economic development, human rights, sustainability, and more, delegates learn to navigate the intricacies of international negotiation and teamwork, adopt new perspectives, and develop comprehensive resolutions on pressing global issues.

Building upon more than four decades of experience, YMUN XLVI strives to provide every delegate with a dynamic, educational, and enriching opportunity to hone and showcase their abilities. Through our unique and novel committees, new year-round learning programs, and increased emphasis on accessibility, YMUN XLVI reaffirms our commitment to education and leadership. It is this passion, commitment, and care that make YMUN one of the premier global Model UN conferences.

We want to congratulate YMUN XLI for their perfect program design... UN [procedure] training, political debates, master lectures... social activities, and a university life experience on the beautiful Yale campus. This is the best [conference] we have participated in and we encourage you to continue with this remarkable experience!
— YMUN XLI Delegation
Thank you for another amazing conference! We’ve been coming for nearly two decades, and it’s just fantastic.
— YMUN XLIV Delegation
Our first experience at YMUN was a rewarding and memorable one and my students cannot wait to return next year. Thank you to all involved in planning and executing YMUN!
— YMUN XLIV Delegation