Committee Live-streaming

This year, along with introducing our second annual Global Citizen of the Arts competition, YMUN XLV will be utilizing live-streaming to provide an even more immersive conference experience for advisors, delegates and their families. YMUN staffers will travel throughout campus during the conference, filming each committee's proceedings. The livestreams will be available on our facebook page.

Livestreaming Schedule

Thursday, Session 1

9:00-9:30pm: UNHCR & ECOFIN

9:30-10pm: Historical GA & SPECPOL

10-10:30pm: IAEA & DISEC

10:30-11pm: UNEP & SOCHUM

Friday, Session 2

4:30-5pm: CSTD & CND

5-5:30pm: UNISDR & UNESCO

5:30-6pm: WHO & CSD

6-6:30pm: CSW & CPD

Friday, Session 3

7:30-8pm: AU & ASEAN

8-8:30pm: European Commission & Arab League

8:30-9pm: CELAC & BRICS

9-9:30pm: OAS

Saturday, Session 4

9:30-10am: Mexican Senate & OPEC

10-10:30am: Operation Condor & G20 Summit

10:30-11am: HSC Environment & Brexit

11-11:30am: Press Corps & ICJ

11:30am-12pm: Bush Cabinet & UNPFII

Saturday, Session 5

1:30-2pm: JCC British & JCC Weimar

2-2:30pm: Ad Hoc & PCWR

2:30-3pm: Civil Rights & CSC

3-3:30pm: UNSC