Thank you for registering for YMUN XLIII! Please note that by registering, your delegation agreed to adhere to YMUN XLIII's Terms and Conditions.

Before submitting preferences, you may want to take a look at the list of committees available at YMUN XLIII. Applications for the International Court of Justice, Press Corps, New Delegate Committee, and UNSC can be found on the Forms, Applications, & Documents page.

Please contact USG of Domestic Delegations, Alex Jang ( or USG of International Delegations, Yoojin Han ( with any questions about registration or country preferences.


country preferences

Submit preferences for specialized committees other than the Press Corps, International Court of Justice, Roman Senate, and UN Security Council here too.

Delegate liability form

The legal guardian of every delegate must complete this form.

Advisor agreement

Only the head advisor needs to complete this form.

English supplement cover letter

Head Advisors only need to submit one copy of this form (if an English supplement is necessary)


All delegates who were required to fill out an English supplement must fill out this form individually.