YMUN 43 Terms and Conditions:
Outlines eligibility, registration and conference policies, disclaimers, deadlines and fees for Yale Model United Nations. Please ensure you read the document carefully. By registering, all Delegates, Advisors and Delegations agree to comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth by Yale Model United Nations.

✓ Delegate Liability Form: due December 7, 2016
 To be submitted for every Delegate registered to attend the conference by the December 7 deadline.

✓ Advisor Agreement: due December 7, 2016
To be submitted by Advisors of registered delegations by the December 7 deadline.

Delegate - Committee Assignments Spreadsheet due December 7, 2016
To be submitted by Advisors of registered delegations by the December 7 deadline.

✓ Financial Aid Applications:
Financial Aid is available for individual delegates and delegations, both domestic and international. Applicants are encouraged to submit financial aid applications as early as possible, as decisions will be made on a rolling basis. The applications will be available on June 1. The deadline is October 9.


✓ Domestic Delegations Information
International Delegations Information


Individual Delegate Application
Delegation Application

✓ English Language Supplement: due November 2, 2016
To be submitted for every non-exempted international delegate by the November 2 deadline. The link for online submission is available in the enclosed document.

✓ Committee Applications: due on October 9th, 2016.

United Nations Security Council: Seasoned Delegates are encouraged to apply for the United Nations Security Council. See our Committees page for more information. Please note, the deadline is October 9. 

✓ International Court of Justice: Delegates are invited to apply to serve as Advocates (in teams of two) or Justices in the exciting, inaugural session of the YMUN ICJ. Please note, the deadline is October 9.

✓ New Delegate CommitteeDelegates new to model UN are encouraged to apply for the New Delegate Committee, UNICEF. The committee is strictly for delegates who have never participated in model UN. See our Committees page for more information. Please note, the deadline is October 9.

Press Corps: Delegates interested in investigation, inquiry, and journalism are encouraged to apply for the Press Corps. See our Committees page for more information. Please note, the deadline is October 9.

✓ Roman SenateThe Roman Senate Committee is a more dynamic, more engaging, and more intense committee, intended for delegates with a keen interest or curiosity in Roman History and military strategy. Please note, the deadline is October 9.

✓ Global Exchange Program: applications accepted on a rolling basis, beginning June 1.
The Global Exchange Program is a challenging, international relations program for highly motivated and exceptional delegates during Yale Day on the morning of Friday January 20th, 2017. This program aims to help delegates grapple with major issues and fundamental leadership questions that they will face as the next generation of leaders. Delegates will have a chance to work very closely with some of Yale’s most impressive professors in lectures, seminars, and a town hall style debate. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Click here for the application. Please contact for more information.


For delegations that have completed registration, paid the deposit and are accepted to the conference by October 9, 2016, country assignments will be determined in mid to late October. Country assignments will be released to delegations once the full payment has been made and the delegation has no outstanding balance. Due to limited availability and a large number of participants, country preferences cannot always be met. Space is also limited in Specialized Committees, and while we will do our best to accommodate your delegation’s preferences, we do not guarantee that all preferences will be met.

Country assignments are determined by a variety of factors, including Model United Nations experience, prior delegation conduct at Yale Model United Nations conferences, number of delegates requested, and country preferences.  If you are not assigned one of the countries you requested, it may be to ensure that you receive the number of spots requested. 

Policy For Schools and Delegations From China

YMUN is pleased to announce our collaboration with Sunrise International Education, the official partner of our sister conference, Yale Model United Nations China. In addition to serving as the local partner of YMUN China, Sunrise is also responsible for managing YMUN XLIII delegations composed of students that attend certain designated schools in  Mainland China. Please note, there are some Mainland Chinese secondary schools that may only attend as part of the Sunrise delegation, and delegates from these schools will not be permitted to attend with other delegations. We urge you to keep this in mind as you register for YMUN XLIII, and thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Please click here for the list of member schools in both English and Chinese. Official correspondence on the updated registration policy is available for both member schools (click here) and delegations (click here). Should you have any questions, please contact the Secretary General at