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Submission Details

Deadline: December 31, 2017

Visual Arts





Please email Annie Cheng at for any questions or concerns.

YMUN XLIV Global Citizen of the Arts Competition and Showcase

Theme: hidden gems

 As one of the largest international conferences on the high school MUN circuit, Yale Model UN is proud to host students from all over the world. This year, every continent is represented (except Antarctica) — over 50 countries are represented in the delegations, and countless cities. In fact, nearly half of YMUN delegates are international. YMUN encourages diversity in every facet, and that includes diversity of interests as well. For this reason, YMUN XLIV will be hosting its first arts competition in conjunction with the conference this year.


The top two entries of every category will be recognized at the conference. Winning delegates will receive gift cards to a New Haven restaurant to be used during their time at YMUN, certificates, and YMUN XLIV merchandise. Their schools will receive gift vouchers for next year's YMUN conference. 

One grand prize winner, recipient of the Yale Model UN Global Citizen of the Arts Award plaque, a $100 YMUN voucher for their school, a Yale/YMUN merchandise basket, and gift cards for New Haven restaurants.


1. Submissions must reflect a delegate's interpretation of the theme, as it relates to their city of primary residence. 

2. Accepted categories include the following: Visual Arts, Music, Film, Writing, Photography. Each delegate may submit up to 3 submissions per category. Each school may submit up to 5 entries in each category. Collaborations amongst delegates are welcomed.  

3. Visual arts — Art of any style, medium and size will be considered. This may include, but is not limited to: painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, digital work, illustration and design. Art submissions must include a short (~200 word) artist's statement of the connection to theme and city. All photography submissions must be submitted into the separate Photography category. 

4. Music — Any genre is accepted, and music must be either composed or performed by delegate. Submissions may include either original or cover pieces with instruments and/or vocals. Music submissions must include a short (~200 word) explanation of the connection to the theme and the delegate's hometown.  

5. Film — Films up to 10 minutes long will be accepted. The delegate must be one of the prior creative or directive forces behind the film. The film must feature the city, and clips can be captured both formally through camera or informally through a mobile phone. 

6. Writing — Writing submissions should be in 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced. Both fiction and nonfiction prose, essays and poetry will be accepted. The maximum word count is 1500. All writing must be original. 

7. Photography — Photography submissions must be original and of high picture quality. Photographers are free to use any editing software.