Welcome to YMUN

January 18, Conference Day 1

Registration and check-in

Registration & check-in takes place from 3:30pm-7:00pm at the Omni Hotel on the Mezzanine floor. In efforts to streamline the process, we ask that a single advisor arrive for registration, with an additional one encouraged for larger delegations. No delegates are permitted inside the registration room. Please bring a photo ID and have a U.S. phone number to reach the primary advisor. If you are an international delegation advisor that has yet to purchase a SIM card, YMUN staff will also be selling SIM cards on-site. 

We look forward to assisting you to make this process as quick and easy as possible, so you and your delegates may rest and prepare for YMUN!

International Delegate Reception

All international advisors and students are invited to attend the reception, hosted at the Omni Hotel Ballroom AB from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. Light refreshments will be provided. International YMUN secretariat members also will be in attendance as well to answer any questions, and to guide a discussion. 

New Delegate Training

Taking place at the Omni Hotel College room from 6:00pm to 7:00pm, the YMUN Committees team will provide tips and tricks for a great Model UN experience, in terms of both individual performance and collaborative work. Although all delegates are welcome, we highly encourage newer delegates to come. Come a novice, and leave an expert at UNA-USA style debate! 

Since this event is often well-attended, we will also be streaming this live on the YMUN Facebook page. Your delegates are also welcome to ask questions through the online chat features, and receive responses from the Comms team.

Facebook Livestreams: NEW TO YMUN

Facebook live-streaming is a new feature of YMUN this year, and introduces an innovative way for MUN conferences to engage with the delegates, advisors, and friends and families of the delegates. 

Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page here to access live streams and share with your friends and family. The live-streaming schedule will be posted every morning of the conference, so be sure to check in.