YMUN XLV NGO Programme

We are very excited to introduce the NGO Programme, which we inaugurate at YMUN XLV! The Non-Governmental Organizations Programme is a unique, delegate-driven committee experience for experienced Model UN delegates who are looking to strengthen their debate skills, broaden their understanding of international relations and its actors, and critically examine the actions of diverse non-governmental organizations. We recognize that countries are often not the only players in discussions about political, socioeconomic, sustainable, and responsible development. Oftentimes, NGOs craft calls to action, conduct research, fund regional and global projects, and provide on-the-ground assistance.

The NGO Programme at YMUN will function in tandem with the committee experience, as those selected to represent a non-governmental organization will be placed in one of YMUN XLV’s Economic and Social Councils. Each delegate selected will represent a specific NGO and will debate along with the traditional country-representing delegates in those committees. NGOs have all of the rights of other delegates except for sponsorship and voting power on final resolutions.This means that they can speak in committee, join blocs, and provide input for resolutions. NGO delegates should follow the policies and powers of the organizations they represent, as they are encouraged to play an advisory, evaluatory, and essential role in the committees they are placed in. In addition to having meaningful discussions, NGOs should draw on their individual perspectives to provide feedback on the positive and negative aspects of each working paper or draft resolution. While working with other delegates, NGOs should, as appropriate, provide a combination of leadership, logistical, and monetary support to the actions being taken by the committee.

NGO delegates should aim to have productive debate and make a positive impact on the committees they are in. They will be evaluated as members of their specific committees by their chairs and the USG of ECOSOCs, who will be looking for the NGO delegates that improve their committees and best embody the goals of the organization they represent.