Delegate Thomas Nardini, who acted as the Envoy of the United States, Harry Boland, made a statement moving the country of Ireland towards patriotism. Nardini stated an overview and together with his colleagues who wishes to have an independent country.

Considering Nardini’s statement is obligated  to comply with the needs for the country’s patriotism; especially in time of war. The overseas partners as to seek through the conquest of independence; and the possible and expected resolution that he might be giving about the given topic of independence. A question left him to wonder as to what will be his choice in getting independence in the country of Ireland. Faith or Power? As Nardini spoke, he would rather choose to take arms in governing during the time of war by reaching out through the Council of United Nations, specifically the Crisis Committee, since it is essential to make things right in the first place and to justify the case in a diplomatic manner. Whatever happens, a charge of strict implementation for security reasons and a domestic order would be possible at any point in the country of Ireland, especially in the Northern part of the country.

Internationally, the country of Ireland has no countries to depend on, yet they have a direct contact with the Papacy and the countries of Portugal and Spain. Despite of it, there are no other established connections towards other international countries throughout the whole world. His aim was to bump through independence in a strategic manner first, but if ever it gets worst, they will have to fight for independence by force and to make it clear that the British Colony has no power to bring their country out of nowhere. Nardini, together with his colleagues made it through the fast-paced debate. Tensions built up and broke into an unmoderated caucus, leaving him a cliffhanger as to which will he choose in terms of getting independence to either faith or power. He then choose faith in a sense that it would be better to lead forward in a diplomatic and orderly basis rather than an independence full of repulsive past and meaningless death of people.

But, no matter what happens, if power is necessary, then he would have to. By the end of the two sessions, it was indeed a good and intense debate towards the independence of the country of Ireland. Nothing would happen and does not make sense without this kind of debate in helping the country into a flag-waving independency. A significant half of the event has made through and the independence of Ireland will come to its resolutions at the very end, soon.