10 Places to Visit the Next Time You Come to YMUN

Ancient Art sculpture hall at the Yale University Art Gallery. Courtesy of Elizabeth Felicella, 2012.

Ancient Art sculpture hall at the Yale University Art Gallery. Courtesy of Elizabeth Felicella, 2012.

By Amanda Goodhind

1. Insomnia Cookies

Got a craving for a late-night fix? Too lazy to go out? Unsurprisingly, when you are near a college campus, there is a quick and somewhat affordable solution to this problem. The shop offers freshly baked specialty cookies that would satisfy any sweet tooth. So go ahead, get six cookies. Or a dozen. Or two dozen. No one will judge you! (Well, they might, but who cares. You have a cookie; what else matters?)

Find Insomnia Cookies at 1143 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511.

2. Yale University Art Gallery

Even if you do not absolutely love art, everyone can find something to appreciate at the gallery. Boasting the title of the oldest university art museum in the Western hemisphere, the gallery is a host to over 180,000 objects ranging from ancient to modern day pieces. A fun thing to do for those who end up on the 2nd floor: grab a friend and stand across from each other in a corner under the arch near the European art gallery. Face the corner and whisper something to your friend. They will hear you loud and clear due to the architectural structure of the arches! Sound waves will travel up the curve of the arch and directly to your friend. Play around with where you stand under the arches to discover even more interesting sound effects.

Find the Yale University Art Gallery at 1111 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511.

3. Claire's Corner Copia

When you are a vegan or a vegetarian in a big unfamiliar city, your food options are limited. In New Haven, however, Claire's Corner Copia has great food options for you. If you are not vegan/vegetarian, however, do not let the label discourage you! Everyone, no matter what they eat, should try Claire's food. It's a must.

Find Claire’s Corner Copia at 1000 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511.

4. Shake Shack

Meat, meat, and more meat. Shake Shack is definitely the opposite of Claire's Corner Copia, although the Shack does offer a “‘Shroom” Burger for the vegetarians in the crowd. Shake Shack is a tried-and-true staple of the YMUN experience. The only downside is the line. If you can time your visit right and avoid it, that is great. But if not, it is also definitely worth the wait. When you sit down with your juicy burger and cold milkshake, you will find yourself in pure bliss.

Find Shake Shack at Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511.

5. York Street Noodle

You do not have to Thai me down and force me to go to this place. I’ll go any day. I apologize for that terrible pun, but York Street Noodle does offer a variety of great Thai food options at a reasonable price. If you do not believe me, check out their menu online. It is only a short walk from the Omni or most committee locations. Grab something to go, or stay to eat in this enticing Thai venue.

Find York Street Noodle at 166 York St  New Haven, CT 06511.

6. Lectures

Realistically,  most of us will not attend Yale University. You know what? That is okay! While you are here, however, take advantage of attending the lectures that are being offered. Few people (with the exception of Yale students) will get a chance to listen to the lectures of notable Yale professors. Aspire toward YMUN’s goal of “[learning] today, [leading] tomorrow” by attending a lecture (or two!) during the Yale Day at the Omni.

7. Yale Showcase

Grab your ticket, your delegate badge, and go check out the performances given by Yale groups! From ballet to singing, this entertainment provides a way to unwind after a long day of committee sessions. Sit back, relax, and watch passionate people doing what they love to do. Tickets are given by advisors, so just ask, and you will get a wristband. What is more, this “ticket” is almost impossible to lose, so it is perfect for busy delegates such as you.

8. Ben and Jerry’s

Who does not like ice cream? On the 20th of January, 2017, Ben and Jerry’s had their grand opening next to the Omni hotel. If you’re staying at the Omni, you could even go in your pajamas. To me, this sounds like Saturday night goals. Also, for vegan and vegetarian delegates – Ben and Jerry’s does have vegan ice cream.

Find Ben and Jerry’s next to the Omni hotel

9. Yale Bookstore

As the name of this store suggests, it offers both books and Yale merch – from hats and scarves to sweatshirts and shirts. You do not have to go to Yale to dress like you do – fulfill your dream of being a Yalie by blending in with the crowd. Notebooks and pens are also sold here in case you need them for committee sessions.

Find the Yale Bookstore at 77 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511.

10. The Delegate Dance

On the surface, dancing in a conference room does not sound like much fun. But that is not all that the delegate dance is. It is a chance to finally let loose after three hard days of committee sessions. If dancing (or sweaty teenagers all moving to music while being wayyy too close to each other) is not your thing, you can play life-size chess in the game room. The dance, however, is a rite of passage. All delegates need to go to at least one awkward delegate dance during their MUN career.

Find the Delegate Dance at the Omni Saturday night.