Please create only one account per delegation.

Only the head advisor needs to have an account on the YMUN website. Delegates do not need their own accounts.


Early and timely registration is important to ensure that we can meet the needs of each delegation and prepare an extraordinary experience for you.

This year, registration for YMUN will be considered on a rolling basis. Due to increasing conference demand and our desire to provide the best conference experience possible, YMUN XLIV will have a maximum capacity. We encourage delegations to register early to avoid disappointment.

Please note, for a registration to be considered complete and processed, the 20% of total non-refundable deposit must be received. Once registration is complete, delegations will be considered for acceptance on a rolling basis. Delegations will then receive final confirmation on the status of their registration. Please refer to the Registration Timeline and Conference Fees below for more detailed information.

The deadline for registering for the conference is October 8, 2017. Please note that even if a registration form is submitted before the deadline, YMUN cannot guarantee any school admission due to the nature of the rolling registration process. Applications received after October 8th will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis if and only if our conference capacity has not yet been reached.

Please contact USG of Delegations, Min Byung Chae ( 

Registration Timeline

May 22, 2017 Online Registration opens*; Deposit payable; UNSC, ICJ, Press Corps, ECB, and Ad-Hoc Committee Applications available; Financial Aid application available; Liability forms available; English supplements available. 
✓ October 8, 2017: Registration closes; Deposit (20% of total fees) due; Financial Aid applications due (incl. regional scholarships)*; UNSC, ICJ, Press Corps, ECB, and Ad-Hoc Committee Applications due.
✓ November 1, 2017: Total fees due; Deadline for English Language Supplements; Applications for Global Exchange Program available*; Last day to withdraw delegates.
December 1, 2017: Last day to make hotel reservations; Accommodation and Travel Information due; Delegate and Advisor names due; Delegate liability waivers due; Advisor agreement forms due.
✓ January 8, 2018: Position Papers due if delegates wish to receive feedback from chairs. Otherwise, Position Papers are due before the first committee session if delegates wish to be eligible for awards.
✓ January 18-21, 2018: Yale Model United Nations 2018

* Applications accepted on a rolling basis. 


All conference fees must be paid for by the deadlines outlined above. YMUN is committed to accessibility–if fees pose a financial difficulty for individual delegates or your school, please consider applying for financial aid.

Note: in order to make YMUN XLIV more accessible, we have eliminated the delegation fee. 

✓ Deposit: 20% of total fee required

Delegate Fee: $80 USD per delegate

Advisor Fee: $60 USD per advisor



Delegate Late Fee paid past deadline (November 1, 2017): $50 USD per delegate

Advisor Late Fee paid past deadline (November 1, 2017): $50 USD per advisor

Delegate Names and Liability Waivers submitted past deadline (December 1, 2017): $50 USD per school