Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow.

Dear Delegates, Advisors, and Parents,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the forty-fourth session of Yale Model United Nations. After months of planning and preparation, the Secretariat, Chairs and Vice Chairs of YMUN XLIV are excited to present to you a challenging and inspiring program. Over the next four days, delegates will have the opportunity to interact with roughly 1800 delegates from all over the world, learn with our Yale staff and engage with all that our beautiful and inspiring college campus has to offer.

YMUN XLIV promises even more rewarding and innovative educational experiences than before. In many ways, it has been a year of tremendous change. In accordance with our commitment to providing an opportunity for delegates to interact with fellow students from all kinds of backgrounds, YMUN XLIV expanded in size and reduces the cost of participation and will, as a result, be the largest and most affordable,conference to be held on an Ivy League campus in history. In striving to make this the most diverse iteration of YMUN yet, we offered Regional Scholarships to schools from areas of the world historically underrepresented at YMUN and will, for the first time ever, welcome delegations from Eastern Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia to our conference. In hopes of breaking down the financial barriers low-income delegates may face when attending a conference such as YMUN, we more that tripled our financial aid award offerings this year and continued our Breaking Boundaries scholarship for low-income delegations attending our conference for the first time ever. With delegate inclusivity in mind, we embraced UNA-USA procedure. In terms of the delegate experience, we refined the resources and opportunities that make in-committee and out-of-committee exceptional year after year, while also providing new ones; for the first time ever, YMUN will have an organ solely dedicated to our dynamic crisis committees. Y, por la primera vez, we'll be hosting a committee run entirely in Spanish. In recognition of the multifaceted talents that our delegates have, we sponsored an arts competition and were pleased to receive arts submissions of all media from a wide-range of delegates. And, to much excitement, we’ve brought back delegation awards.

With a continued emphasis on social responsibility under the motto of “Learn Today, Lead Tomorrow,” we hope delegates will join us in making a social impact here at YMUN and beyond. In accordance with our mission, we are proud to announce our partnership with the United Nations’ World Food Program USA. Consistent with their goals of ending hunger and food insecurity globally, World Food Program USA works to help provide financial resources and develop policies needed to alleviate global hunger. With this partnership, both charity: water and YMUN hope delegates can better understand this fundamental problem facing our world and recognise that regardless of their young age they are capable of taking action and making change.

Most of all, I hope delegates use this conference as an exercise in making change and, through it, are inspired to seek out and take on, be it globally or locally, the injustices and inequalities that exist in our world. Furthermore, I hope delegates will step out of their comfort zones and explore all the offerings we have prepared this year. This guide includes information regarding conference logistics, exciting delegate events, food recommendations, standards of conduct and other information delegates may need throughout the conference. I encourage delegates to browse through this guide to make the most of their time at YMUN XLIV.

It is my sincere hope that delegates will walk away from YMUN XLIV with improved model UN skills, new connections, international relations knowledge and the desire to make a difference as future leaders. We could not be more excited about YMUN XLIV, and I am looking forward to seeing what delegates will achieve at this year’s conference! Thank you very much for your continued support of YMUN, and I am looking forward to meeting you all over the next four days.


Oleksa Alex Martiniouk

Secretary-General, YMUN XLIV




What's New at YMUN?

  • No Delegation Fee
  • Reduced Delegate Fee
    • The most affordable major US MUN conference
    • The cost of participation for an 18 delegate delegation with 2 advisors has fallen by 10% in comparison with the previous year
  • UNA-USA Rules of Procedure
  • Specific Organ Dedicated to Crisis Committees
  • Delegation Awards
    • Small: ≥8 & <18 delegates
    • Large: ≥18 delegates
  • Streamlined Registration Process and Fees
  • Increased Financial Aid Budget
  • New Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs
  • + More!

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